CITCON Cluj 2016
warnings.warn - some DeprecationWarning gotchas
A few thoughts on BDDon't
The Power of (Open Source) Blueprints
Facilitating the Global Day of Coderetreat Zagreb (and a little Nuremberg) 2015
Podcasts I Listen To
Adding New Quality Checks to the Build
Unit Testing In Elixir
End-to-End Testing - A Code Example
What Elixir Taught Me About Java - Method Overloading Is Just a Convention
Why I chose Elixir to learn this year (and initial impressions)
Green Build Surprises
Going Beyond Regression - What Other Benefits could End-to-End Testing Provide?
A New Look At End-to-End Testing - Polymorphic and Fast
CITCON Turin Session Notes
CITCON Turin 2013
Teach me refactoring from my commits!
Quick script to help reporting bugs for python
Own your data (or why did I move away from Blogger and WordPress?)
Some Metaprogramming (Reflection) In Bash
Opening the 2013 paddling season on the Kocher
Continuous Team Switching?
Global Day of Coderetreat 2012 - Nuremberg
Book Review - Exploring Everyday Things with Ruby and R by Sau Sheong Chang
My first Code Retreat - Legacy Code Retreat in Frankfurt on Sep 15, 2012
First impressions of the Gumotex Palava inflatable canoe
Day 9: From Nagymaros to Budapest
Day 8: From Gyor to Nagymaros
Day 7: From Vienna to Gyor
Day 6: From Ybbs to Vienna
Day 5: From Engelhartzell to Ybbs
Day 4: From Straubing to Engelhartszell
Day 3: from Nuestadt to Straubing
Day 2: From Donauwörth to Ingolstadt
Day 1: Crailsheim to Donauwörth
T-1 - or a recap of the trip preparations
Route planning
Dahon Bullhead with Aerobars
Book Review - Programming Collective Intelligence by Toby Segaran
Inversion of Control for Continuous Integration
There Is More To Clean Code Than Clean Code
Find The Test Structure That Fits Your Team
That Is Not Your Decision to Make
CITCON London 2011
Data Migrations As Acceptance Tests
Book Review - Python Testing Cookbook by Greg L. Turnquist
Testing Strategy On Migration Projects
About the export-to-Excel Anti-Pattern
On Grassroots/Peer TDD Introduction
What have I learned from working with legacy code?
How & Why I do code reviews
When in Rome, do as the Romans do
My #citcon London 2010 experience
Dealing with crunch mode
Evaluating software products
Slides for the Continuous Delivery talk
Don't repeat yourself, even across platforms
Executable bug tracker
Executable documentation
On hiring programmers - writing code before the interview