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Own your data (or why did I move away from Blogger and WordPress?)
Opening the 2013 paddling season on the Kocher
First impressions of the Gumotex Palava inflatable canoe
Day 9: From Nagymaros to Budapest
Day 8: From Gyor to Nagymaros
Day 7: From Vienna to Gyor
Day 6: From Ybbs to Vienna
Day 5: From Engelhartzell to Ybbs
Day 4: From Straubing to Engelhartszell
Day 3: from Nuestadt to Straubing
Day 2: From Donauwörth to Ingolstadt
Day 1: Crailsheim to Donauwörth
T-1 - or a recap of the trip preparations
Route planning
Dahon Bullhead with Aerobars