I have been writing software professionally since 2004, using various languages. I never felt comfortable defining myself as "I am a <X language> developer" - partly out of the "right tool for the right job" consideration as well as from the realization that most challanges faced by line of business applications are not language specific - the usual culprits are missing/misunderstood requirements or algorithmic/architectural mistakes.

I have been involved in almost all stages of the application lifecycle: idea conception; requirements analysis and refinement, proof of concept prototyping; greenfield, brownfield, and maintenance development (a.k.a.: legacy code from hell); application support with oncall duty (including the dreaded 3 AM call); and end of life application decomissioning.

I tend to introduce new things on any team I end up in, whether that's a process, tool, or technology. I have formed opinions, but I love having them challanged - though I have to admit on occassions I have to be explained twice why my understanding / opinion happens to be wrong.

I try to give back to the community - I'm part autodidact, and without the mailing lists, blogs, meetups, etc., I would know much less. I love speaking at user groups, and have organized the CITCON 2012 Budapest conference and I have been involved in organizing the Global Day of Coderetreat in Nuremberg in 2012 and 2013.


Being outside and being active has been part of my life forever. I have tried many activities, had to give up some, but hiking, canoeing, and cycling (single speed courier style commuting, touring, as well as racing) seem to be the ones I keep.

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