Day 9: From Nagymaros to Budapest

Given that my current hosts didn't have other arrangements, a trip record was born - after a leisurely breakfast, cycling begun only after noon :)

One of my hosts decided that since she had to come to Budapest anyway, she might as well just bike instead of taking the train - thus I had company and the day's profile turned into a weekend cycling chat.

The weather was superb, and the cycling roads were quite crowded, but given the circumstances, it didn't bother me at all. With regards to the road quality - it isn't a smooth road, but has no cars, and the view is great. After Dunakeszi the road actually disappears (you should take the ferry to the right bank, there it continues), but having cycled this section many times I knew the back ways so we didn't have to take the #2 main road.

And then all of a sudden I was back in our flat in Budapest :)

It was 50 km with a net cycling time of 3:05 (h:mi). The gross time, of course, was much longer, but the ice cream break & co. were essential and couldn't have been skipped :)

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