Day 6: From Ybbs to Vienna

One good thing about staying at an Inn overnight id the breakfast: there is plenty!

There were two other cycling parties at the Inn, either it is that Austrians are sportier, or simply I was the only one who didn't get the memo about the start of the good weather and by now the German section is already full with touring people.

Personal record: managed to take the wrong turn just about 2.5kms after start :)

The road to Melk, then Kremms is pretty, leading through small villages among grapefields, and since we've cycled here 3 years ago, memories were popping up almost everywhere. Though on the flip side I was dreading the section where my tire exploded back than. And no, I am not superstitious :)

Here have I met the oldest cyclist of the tour - he already had shaking hand, but was going full straight when cycling. Sheldon Brown came to mind.

After Kremms finding the way to the bridge was a bit difficult again, and now came a boring, shaky section along the Danube - you know the kind of road that has thin cracks across its whole width every 10-15 meters? One can still do a decent speed, but it is definitely not pleasant...

Tulln surprised me with its logo for the Garden festival - says a lot about me that on seeing a bleu-green small 'g' all I can think is Google...

Unlike last time, I crossed to the left bank at the power plant before Vienna, remembering how bad the road was last time. And I can definitely suggest to enter Vienna on the left - pretty cool.

One problem though is that it's easy to loose the Radweg signs, but it doesn't hurt - just keep going along the Neues Donau (New Danube). The bigger issue though is that the camping is not marked anywhere, and locals of course have no clue where campings are. When asking for directions, ask about Ölhaus and Lobau (but don't go all the way to Lobau!). If you see Toni's Inselgrill, turn back and take the first exit to the right, cross the road at the pedestrians crossing, and go up the hill (there arwe signs for the cars).

Anyhow, that was 156 km in about 7:20. Now on to Gyôr (just finished breakfast at Toni's).

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