Day 2: From Donauwörth to Ingolstadt

While one can see the daylight inside the tent, except when deep inside the sleeping bag, so it took me a while to wake up. Luckily for me, Canoe Club members were loading up boats next to me, so I finally did wake up.

I don't quite know why/how, but from waking up to leaving took me about two hours, without breakfast...

The I finally reached the Danube in a few kms. I was touched by the reunion (used to live in Budapest, but not anymore, and Crailsheim only has a really small river, not comparable to the Danube)

The day started with climbs, then I realized it is raining, which meant I would have to carry the backpack actually on my back. Bummer.

On reaching Neustadt I was disciplined enough to actually stop for lunch - I meant to grab a quick pasta, but what I thought to be a Vietnamese imbiss turned out to be a restaurant, so it took longer. Then k to my surprise - I have found a bicycle shop that was open, but unfortunately didn't have a tire that would properly fit the front. So I just bought a spare tube (I already had a flat this morning, and thus had no intact tubes. Plan to repair them in the evening).

Reading through the guide book I decided no to follow the Donauradweg to Ingolstadt, because there was mention of gravel, and dirt roads with potholes, so I took one running parallel to a main road, which was asphalted all the way. Of course, the irony is I got a flat nonetheless and that the potholed section of the gravel roads were after Ingolstadt. Fun. But it was nice to know a lot of cars stopped to see if all was OK (guess me searching for the hole in the tire must have looked odd from the outside).

Due to the rain, headwind, and dark, I stopped at the camping between Neustadt and Bad Gögging. It's still under construction (the Reception is a container), but has a heated showers block. It was needed after pitching the tent in the rain!

I got a smaller dinner, and remembered the advice that I shouldn't eat specialties too far away from their origin - this time the Wiener Schnitzel.

Km traveled: 100/97, cycling time:5:05, from start to finish: 8:30

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