Day 1: Crailsheim to Donauwörth

We went to the train station in beautiful sunshine, and that gave me a false hope for similar weather throughout the day. What I got instead was headwind. And of course the trip starts with a climb. Guess that should have been expected.

After the first ten kms, when I didn't want to turn back, it started to feel better. I discovered that all those gears I never used (3-5) are meant for touring :)

By the time I got to Dinkelsbühl, I accepted the speed limitations I must endure for the rest of the trip.

In Dinkelsbühl it was a bit confusing to find the way, but by following the signs for the cars, I managed. Even though it is called Romantische Strasse, this early in the spring the sights weren't great - guess the towns are, at least I know Dinkelsbühl is from earlier visits.

The roads are somewhat confusingly marked, e.g.: I was cycling for quite a few kms thinking I lost my way when suddenly a sign came up. There are many Radwegs sharing the same road, and sometimes one is marked, sometime the other. Just stay close to either the rails or the road 25, and you will arrive.

Nördlingen - as every town you have to go through - was confusing, but a Spanish guy who works there gave me understandable directions.

Harburg - when you get to the crossing (Stadtmitte/Burg), go towards the Burg, and you don't have to climb up there, there will be a sharp left turn marked with "richnung Donauwörth", follow that through the Altstadt.

In Donauwörth a local showed me the way to the kanu Club where I stayed, except he dropped me off az the building before, which is a dog training ground. But just after that is the camping, with warm water and no other tents.

There was a greek restaurant 500 meters from the campsite (follow the main road next to it backwards, and after the kaufland, it will be on your right.

Impressions: the season hasn't started yet, I mostly met commuters and about four road cyclists. Maybe the Donauradweg will be more crowded!

Km: about 96 (gps and bicycle clock disagrees), 5 hours cycling, total of about 6.5 hours (getting lost, buying stuff, and fixing the front flat tire).

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