CITCON Turin Session Notes

Finally got around to adding my notes for the CITCON Turin 2013 sessions to the wiki.

Notes on my note taking

... or what took me so long to add the notes? Why didn't I take notes directly in the conference wiki?

After my second attended conference I became an analog/offline attendee. Note taking is much easier by hand - you can draw, arrow things into the right place, and I find deciphering abbreviations and shorthand much easier in handwriting than in on-screen text.

I don't like having a screen separating me from other attendees (and cannot type on tablet keyboards effectively).

Having to type up my written notes later forces me to revisit ideas in more detail than if I'm just re-reading old notes where I might skip parts thinking "sure, I know what that was". It's a mind trick to force me paying closer attention.

On top of that, I become much more careful about what I put down into the notes - sure, it's still rather raw and nowhere near blog post or article quality, still much closer to raw notes/brain dumps. But it's much improved compared to the raw notes I had in my notebook. Having the handwritten pages only makes sure I know it is not DONE, which I might fall into thinking had I written directly into the wiki.

Of course, that's just me, your mileage may vary!

What do you think? I would love if you would leave a comment - drop me an email at, tell me on Twitter!

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